Friday, August 14, 2009

I covet her drawer

I have a friend we will call her the Queen of Clean. I am always amazed with how she utilizes the space in her home. We were trying to schedule some time to hang out. She casually leans over and opens a neatly ordered drawer with her day timer, calculator, one or two pens and a few other related items. I think I concealed my amazement and didn't openly let my jaw drop to the floor. Instantly my brain flashed on the drawer in my kitchen. Full of 100 pens that I am not sure work, cat fur ball medicine, chap stick, 100 tiny Easter egg erasers, caps that fit some container I am sure I have somewhere? But what do I do with those 1000 tiny items that have no home? Would I miss those 1000 items if I just chucked them in the trash? I am not sure but I am willing to make some changes so I too can have a neat scheduling drawer in my kitchen. Is there a place in your house you want to change? I would love to hear about it.