Monday, May 25, 2015

Freckle Foot opened a restaurant The Hungry Sandwich

The Hungry Sandwich opened for business this morning. We had no school today and I was looking forward to getting a little more sleep. Unfortunately the restaurant is located directly above my bedroom.  Check out the hours below...yes that was 6:37am - hard to see, but crossed out.
 Freckle Foot has stocked the kitchen and even set up a place for a cutting counter.
 She even made menu's for each customer. I like that there are mixed drinks on the menu - always a must if you've been awakened by a child setting up a restaurant at 6:37am in the morning.

 Early this morning there was a line (of every stuffed animal they owned) out the door waiting for a table but by the time I was awake everyone had been "served". I was seated right away. The food was delicious and the owner was especially friendly and welcoming.

I was wondering where my broom went.  Apparently it is essential to keep the restaurant clean. And that explain the strange sounds that I could not recognize while I was trying to sleep this morning. I think the Hungry Sandwich will be open all week for those of you would like a good meal and friendly service.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fairy Mask

Freckle Foot needed a super hero mask for school a few weeks ago. The school has a compliment card program. When the kids are caught being good, on task or just helpful, teachers fill out a card and it's sent to the front office. Then is placed on the walls of the school. When the whole school meets their goal they get to dress up on a Friday. This particular Friday had a super hero theme. I found out on Monday that she needed a costume. I have a ton of superhero stuff for the boys but not for her.  She had a Tinkerbell fleece cape that she got from Grandma G.
I dug around in my felt stash and came up with this. It turned out a little big for her face but I was happy about how it turned out. She had a costume for the day. It's a rare day that I feel like a superhero but I felt like I came to her rescue just in time. I think I finished it at 11pm Thursday night.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

It snowed in March!


Last year at the spring Just Between Friends consignment sale I found this water table. I have been searching Pinterst to find different ways to fill it. This is our fake snow. The boys exact words were "this is awesome". I went to the Dollar Store and purchased a bottle of hair conditioner and raided my Costco sized stash of baking soda. The recipe is 3 cups baking soda and 1/2 cup of conditioner. I found the recipe at 1st Grade Fantabulous. It feels cold just like snow and it sticks together enough to make snowmen. I ended up using 6 cups of baking soda and a 1 cup of conditioner. Freckle Foot wasn't really interested in it which was good because it made just enough for both the boys. They have played in it for the past two days with no bickering. Since I used a coconut scented conditioner the boys both came in the house smelling like coconuts. Little Loaf and his Dad had a grand time telling me that he smelled like coconuts. I'm not sure why they thought this was so funny but Little Loaf was in hysterics.

As you can see I think it might take about 15 cups of baking soda to fill the whole table. I ended up using all the baking soda I had on hand to make enough for the two of them. Looks like I will be stocking up next time I go to Costco. This summer I plan on doing some ice and snow activities so this was a good test run.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Foster Farms

The kids and I spent the day on Foster Farm. My friend Natalie's parents use to run a dairy farm but now rent out the land to other farmers. The farm borders on the Tolt River and the Snoqualmie River.
Natalie's dad brought down the kayak's. A few for the adults and 2 that are built just for the kids.
There is a secret entrance to get to the beach.  You have to go through two gates and across a long field to get there. I told the kids we were going to a secret beach. That only added to the excitement of the day.
 This is the path off of the field that leads to the Snoqualmie River. It is a very peaceful and slow part of the river. This year was great because it was very shallow the kids could explore almost to the middle of the river.
 Ryann was showing Freckle Foot how to kayak.

Little Loaf was having the time of his life kayaking, swimming in a inner tube and jumping off a log. I got the sunburn of my life. My thighs haven't seen the light of day since Freckle Foot was born. Natalie put sunscreen on my back but I forgot to put some on my chest. It's gonna be a painful couple of days. Totally worth it. Best day of summer ever.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kelsey Creek Park

 I had to run a errand in Bellevue and decided the kids might like to stop by Kelsey Creek Farm.

 Quarter Shorts loved the play area that was built just for 3 year old and under. Everything was just his size.
 We were able to see a few animals up close but most of the animals were behind heavily guarded cages.
 Freckle Foot couldn't wait to get back to the play area and her brothers were trying to keep up. It is a nice picture of the beautiful barns they have on site.
 Little Loaf was being difficult and didn't want his picture take but I was able to snap a quick one.
Freckle Foot climbs on anything and everything. It wasn't quite as exciting of a trip as I had hoped for. I think next time I will take them to the Petting area at Forest Park in Everett, there they get to pet the animals.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Trip to the River

 Little Loaf and Auntie are floating down a short section of the river. Auntie brings fun where ever she goes.
Freckle Foot convinced me to get in the freezing water with her.
While Auntie and I were floating the short section of the river front. Great Grandma kept an eye on Quarter Shorts. Who wouldn't
Quarter Shorts might need a gun safety class.
 Someone was pouting and not being a good sport. Which is funny but we still had to have a talk about good sportsmanship.
After the girls were dried off they still wanted to play with the inner tubes.
We slept in our Westfalia Camper for the first time. Quarter Shorts is sleeping in a hammock Leon and I made. Leon made the PVC pipe frame. I made the canvas cover. He was very happy to sleep in it. I worked better than I thought it would. If I close all the curtains he has his own little room.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A trip to The Cabin

We were planning a to spend a couple days at our friends cabin but our Camper wouldn't start. Turns out it only takes a 20$ part but half a day to take out the steering column. We had to settle for a long day trip.

 Freckle Foot and Little Loaf and Leon have been to the cabin several times. However, this was Quarter Shorts and I's first time. The kids loving going to the cabin because it involves taking the ferry.
 I took this picture because this is how I see my children on a daily basis. Strapped in their car seats while I am chauffeuring them to school. Today we are on the ferry so I had time to snap a picture of them.
The kids went straight to the swing upon arrival.
 Ft. Flaggler is just a couple miles from the cabin the kids loved exploring the tunnels and pathways though out the fort.
 As we came out of one of the tunnels we found a birds nest. The mother bird protecting her nest.
 Quarter Shorts is in love he held hands with his new best friend "matew"
 Back at the cabin after lunch Little Loaf figured out how to get into the hammock without falling out.
 The kids spent the whole day on the swing, in this boat or in the hammock. It was so peaceful.
 Around 2pm we started a fire. We had a good bed of coals by the time we were ready for hot dogs and smores. We learned that smores are reallllly good with Reese peanut butter cups.
 This is Cassie, she is a wonderful sweet dog. She has really aged in the last year.
We have another trip planned for later in the summer. Hopefully everything works in the camper this next time around.