Sunday, January 24, 2010

My little climber

I was busy doing something and turned around and there was Little Loaf sitting in the chair. We didn't have this table and chairs when Freckle Foot was this age. Little Loaf can get up into the chair but doesn't know how to get out of the chair. The second picture is him falling into my lap.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Princess/Prince Crowns

While looking for "Different" activities (per her request) for Freckle Foot. I found this crown at There are jewels that you can paste on to the crown. It was nice to see that Freckle Foot wanted to share with her brother. She wanted me to see who "pretty" he looked in the crown. This activity kept her busy for just a few minutes but she played with the crown for most of the evening. An activity well worth the ink and card stock. The only issue we had was the crown was a little small for her head. It fit perfect on Little Loaf's head.

Balloon Basket Fun

It astounds me that it's only Jan 12th and Freckle Foot is asking for "different toys". In other words she is bored and looking for something new to do.  I dug around in my mother cupboard to see if I could find anything that she would like. I found a bag of balloons and we rounded up some laundry baskets and instant fun.

 Little Loaf liked crawling around and chasing the balloons. It was funny, I would been in the other room and you could hear him grab a balloon, giggle, squeal then crawl really fast, stop, grab a balloon squeal again.

Stringing Beads

I have been waiting for about a year now for Freckle Foot to show some interest in stringing bead.  She found the box of extra large beads in her room (while she wasn't napping ahhhhh). She had difficulty putting the shoe strings through the beads so I dug out some pipe cleaners and she really liked that. It  only kept her busy for about 15 minutes but it's a new activity that we can pursue.

Scarf Fun

We don't have play silks at our house but we do have a collection of silk scarves from my grandmothers.  She uses these scarves to twirl with, as blankets for her babies, wrap around her head to play Cinderella and as a nap sack to carry toys.

When she was really little I put all the scarves in a empty diaper wipe container and she had lots of fun pulling them out.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sticks and Rice Again?

Freckle Foot loves her sticks. I made the quilt out of my Dad's old work shirts and a few of the squares are pockets. She loves to hide things in the pockets. Today it was her holding spot for her sticks.

Rice, rice, rice this kid loves rice. Grandma bought her some colored glass beads, which we know Freckle Foot would love. I cringe when she plays with them because they are the perfect choking hazards for Little Loaf. He is often confined to his high chair when she plays with them. Anyways we hid the beads in the rice then put them in matching cups. This was a great way to work on colors and counting. Thanks Grandma.


Since it's been raining for a few days now I decided to make a fort out of the kitchen table. Auntie is letting us borrow this tube which is a great entrance to the fort. Little Loaf liked the tube. Although this activity didn't keep the kids interests for long. I think I might get the lady bug tent out and connect the kitchen table and the tent together with the tube next time.

Playing Cinderella!

One of the chores on my to do list was to clean behind the stove. The last time I did this chore was when we got our new frig. Honestly I can't remember when that was because of my "mommy brain". My disgust finally peaked when I tried to pull out a paper bag from the side of the stove and my hands were met with a layer of goo. Luckily Freckle Foot has been obsessed with Cinderella. So naturally when she asked what I was doing behind the stove I said I was "playing Cinderella". She got very excited, picked up a scrub brush and started scrubbing away the dirt. Really I had this idea 2 years ago and have just been waiting for the right moment to "play Cinderella". Unfortunately for me it was right before her nap time and when I told her she had to stop she refused and started crying. Next time I need something cleaned in the house we are going to "play Cinderella". I might even get her a special dress to play in.

Isn't Sitting Fun

Who knew that sitting in a chair could be so much fun. Little Loaf was very excited to be sitting on his sister "chair" a.k.a the potty chair.

Then he discovered that sitting in a booster chair on the floor was pretty exciting. Although it didn't last long before big sis decided that she had to get in on the action.