Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Baking

In order to get my Christmas baking done I had to pull out all the tricks I have developed as a mom. We all know by now that Freckle Foot loves to transfer items from one container to another. She loves it when I bake because she likes to measure the flour and put it in the mixing bowl. I keep an extra stash of flour in my pantry just for her to play with on the floor while I bake. This activity kept her busy for about a while but it makes quite the mess. I figured I had to mop the floor anyways before everyone came to our house for Christmas eve. Although we had to once again confine Little Loaf to his high chair because she kept screaming at him to go away. We are working on her sharing skills but it's a slow process. As you can see Little Loaf enjoys tormenting his sister.

Christmas Revealed

I made a lot of handmade gifts this year. Unfortunately I only have a couple pictures of what I made. This is a Blue knitted poncho for my niece. She decided to sit on Little Loaf's lap; Little Loaf wasn't crazy about her idea.

My brother made a Barbie house out of wood for his daughter a few years ago. This year he made a log bed for Barbie and I offered to make the bedding. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate Barbie with a passion but I love making things in miniature. I made peace with Barbie and decided she deserves a cozy bedroom. I made her a quilt and matching braided rag rug. I made a lavender sheet set too but I didn't get a picture of them before I gave them to my niece.

New hair cut for Freckle Foot


The battle of brushing Freckle Foot's hair has been wearing on me for months now. The tears the screaming, getting it caught in the car seat buckles. She had even asked in the last few weeks to put her hair in ponies because it was getting in her way. Since every time she eats jam or syrup her hair gets stuck to her face. It was time for a change. Thanks to Auntie Freckle Foot is as cute as ever. Although it was a strange day for me. Growing up I was never allowed to cut my hair so I felt like I had broken a house rule from my own childhood. I quickly got over it once we we able to brush her hair without tears.

More Rice

Freckle Foot has been having a difficult time lately. I am not sure if the growth spurt or adjusting to her brothers new found motility. I thought I would bring out an activity that I know is very soothing for her. I dyed rice orange and green back in October but forgot to get this activity out for her. I tucked the orange rice away for another day but got out the green rice, a few spoons and a container. It was amazing to watch how calm and relaxed she got while playing with the rice. I had to do this activity while Little Loaf was sleeping or in his high chair because he would have tried to eat all the rice on the floor. Freckle Foot's hands did turn green after playing with the rice. Does anyone know how to dye rice so the color won't bleed?