Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel Activities for toddlers

We are off to the ocean again. The first family vacation since Freckle Foot was 11 months old. I am excited and a little nervous. If you have read our blog you know Freckle Foot is not too fond of the beach. We think it is the wind but since she is 3 she can't quite tell us all the details. So in preparation for the long car ride here are the pictures of all the activities I crammed into a gallon size zip lock bag.

 These are a bunch of cutting cards that I made out of copy paper, stickers and a marker. Freckle Foot is just starting to get the hang of cutting. The Melissa and Doug sissors can cut paper but she won't be able to cut anything else in the car. I hope she likes them.

The book on the left Sponge Bob water pen activity, the pen makes all the colors show up so it looks like she is coloring. The Dora explorer book on the right you scratch the page with the wood pencil and the color shows up. I tried this one out at dinner one night and there was one problem. If you leave the Dora pages in a hot car it is heat sensitive too and all the color shows up.

 From Left to right. We have long balloons to make balloon animals. Coloring pages cut into 5x4 to fit the mini clip board. I also picked up some mini colored pencils that are not pictured.  Water color pictures. I used water color pencils to outline the pictures then I cut sponges into small squares and soaked them in water. Freckle Foot can rub the pictures with the wet sponge to "color" the pictures. There are a few pipe cleaners. Kids always love pipe cleaners.

Top left we have a word search. Although Freckle Foot can't do a word search she can search for letters A, B, and C and circle them. Pom poms are always fun. Fruit loops to make necklaces I forgot to picture the string. It's a little hard to see but I made a snake out pipe cleaner and he can be bent into the shapes on the foam sheets. Freckle Foot can also cut up the foam sheets. Freckle Foot can make a lollipop last for a hour. Clothes pins can be hours of fun for Little Loaf. And last but not least painter tape. Tape like pom poms is fun. 

Well that should keep the kids entertained. I have a few more activity bags packed with toys but I have run out of time to take pictures. We are off to the beach.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Strolling around

In an effort to rotate toys I put the stroller away for a few months. I pulled it out the other day and the kids had a great time pushing each other around the house. The stroller is for dolls so both the kids well exceed the weight limit. It's amazing that the stroller is holding up. Freckle Foot wanted Little Loaf to push her in the stroller, although he understood the concept and wanted to follow his sisters order. He wasn't strong enough to push her so she had to scoot around the house while he grunted behind her. strolling

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Helping himself

Little Loaf decided to help himself to the some homemade granola bars. He actually got a stool from the dining room and pulled it up to the counter. Good thing I caught him or he would of munched on the whole batch.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our trip to the Ocean

Our annual trip to Ocean Shores Little Loaf is hanging with his little Cousin P. They are exactly 6 months apart and love each other.
 Freckle Foot and Cousin E found another beach fort to play in this year. Freckle Foot enjoyed the beach a little more than last year. The trick was taking her to the beach when it wasn't very windy.
She loved digging in the sand. We had to make a few holes big enough for her to fit her whole body in. After days at the beach we hung out at the condo.
  Freckle foot was very generous sharing her pop cycle with "the babies" as she calls them.

The babies were having fun peeking at each other. They would take turns climbing through the middle of the table. It was a great way to start our summer.
Every time we spend with family we end up playing a game called Zonk. It's a dice game that we get a little competitive about. Freckle Foot found her own games to play with the dice. She lined them all up on the coaster. Why buy toys when you have coasters and dice. Freckle Foot put all the dice in her brothers dirty sock then transferred them to a cup. What fun!