Thursday, May 6, 2010

I was a really good parent before I had kids

Before I had kids I swore there were things my kids would never do or have. Then I had kids and it changed everything. Freckle Foot won't give up her bottle. I almost had her off bottles and then Little Loaf showed up and it wasn't fair that he got to have one and she couldn't. It is her only comfort object. She has never been interested in a special stuffed animal or blanket. So she still gets bottles and I cringe. But on those really crummy days when all she does is whine and complain, a bottle seems to be her reset button. Give her a bottle of milk and she is a pleasant child... most of the time.

I swore my kids wouldn't have pacifiers.  Freckle Foot would have nothing to do with pacifiers after about 3 months. I patted myself on the back as a good mother. Because pacifiers are bad for kids teeth right? Little Loaf on the other hand loves his pacifier. One day he came crawling into the kitchen from the living room, pulled on my pant leg and grunted. I followed him and his pacifier had rolled under the couch and he was determined to get it. He kept grunting and trying to crawl under the couch. Until I saved the pacifier so he could go play with some toys.

I really really never thought I would have a 3 year old in diapers...CRINGE. Freckle Foot just isn't ready yet. She is getting there. For some reason when we go out to eat at a restaurant she tells me she has to go to the bathroom. Low and behold she will sit on a public toilet but refuses to sit on the big toilet at home. It's it suppose to be the other way around? Don't people have phobia about public toilets. Just when you think you have things figured out these kids though you a curve ball. 

I tell all these stories to my pediatrician hoping he will be horrified and give me some good advice. His advice is they won't go to college with bottles, pacifiers, and diapers in hand. I still cringe.

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