Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our trip to the Ocean

Our annual trip to Ocean Shores Little Loaf is hanging with his little Cousin P. They are exactly 6 months apart and love each other.
 Freckle Foot and Cousin E found another beach fort to play in this year. Freckle Foot enjoyed the beach a little more than last year. The trick was taking her to the beach when it wasn't very windy.
She loved digging in the sand. We had to make a few holes big enough for her to fit her whole body in. After days at the beach we hung out at the condo.
  Freckle foot was very generous sharing her pop cycle with "the babies" as she calls them.

The babies were having fun peeking at each other. They would take turns climbing through the middle of the table. It was a great way to start our summer.
Every time we spend with family we end up playing a game called Zonk. It's a dice game that we get a little competitive about. Freckle Foot found her own games to play with the dice. She lined them all up on the coaster. Why buy toys when you have coasters and dice. Freckle Foot put all the dice in her brothers dirty sock then transferred them to a cup. What fun!

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