Friday, August 6, 2010

Our poor little guy!

Well this is Little Loaf after his first real crash. We were getting ready to go to a play date and walked out the front door. He jumped on his scooter and drove off the 4 cement steps landing on his face. He was so quick, I reached for him but he was already on the ground. I freaked out and called 911. A fire truck showed up with 5 very large firemen. They all told me stories about their boys being daredevils. We did have to take Little Loaf to the pediatrician but he was feeling much better. In fact he wouldn't sit still for the doctor.  Freckle Foot learned a very valuable lesson that day. If you go to the doctor's office they give you lollipops. She has been asking me every morning if we get to go to the doctor today.

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