Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Baking

In order to get my Christmas baking done I had to pull out all the tricks I have developed as a mom. We all know by now that Freckle Foot loves to transfer items from one container to another. She loves it when I bake because she likes to measure the flour and put it in the mixing bowl. I keep an extra stash of flour in my pantry just for her to play with on the floor while I bake. This activity kept her busy for about a while but it makes quite the mess. I figured I had to mop the floor anyways before everyone came to our house for Christmas eve. Although we had to once again confine Little Loaf to his high chair because she kept screaming at him to go away. We are working on her sharing skills but it's a slow process. As you can see Little Loaf enjoys tormenting his sister.

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