Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Annual Ocean Trip - Day 2

The second day at the beach was all about digging holes, sitting in holes, being buried in holes. Freckle Foot wanted to be a mermaid. Then Wee One loved crawling in the holes. I would make a hole for Little Loaf and Wee One would crawl over and climb in. Then I would move to make another one but he would crawl out of the one he was in and get in the next one.

The kids found another fort on the beach.

While Auntie was cooking up dinner I had the kids down at my condo. They found large sticks and played horse. Cousin Cutie was a trooper trying to keep up with Freckle Foot while they shared a stick.

I made the kids some Cloud Dough to play with on my deck. They made a huge mess and I was so happy that I could just sweep it off the deck. 

After dinner we were hanging out on the deck and saw thing little raccoon on our neighbors deck having his dinner. He seemed pretty young and very tame. I think he might live under the condo.

Wee One was just hanging out on the deck practicing his standing skills.

He was pretty ticked off that I made him wear his hat.

Freckle Foot made a drawing of Cousin Cutie. I think it's pretty accurate.
Wee One got to play his first game of Zonk with Auntie. 

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