Monday, July 9, 2012

Wee One's first hair cut and summer cut for Little Loaf

It was finally time to say goodbye to Wee One's baby locks and get a hair cut. I have to say it was a sad day for me since Wee One is our last kid and I will never be able to do this over again. The first hair cut feels like the official end of the baby stage. He was a trooper and endured the strange vibration of the clippers.

Little Loaf got his summer cut. I didn't notice they are making the same face until I uploaded the pictures to the blog.
Now they both look like Daddy.  Although Little Loaf is not crazy about his new hair cut. Freckle Foot keeps telling him how "cute" he looks and he keeps saying he wants his hair back. I have to say it cuts down my time getting the boys ready in the morning. We are going to do this every summer.

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