Monday, May 25, 2015

Freckle Foot opened a restaurant The Hungry Sandwich

The Hungry Sandwich opened for business this morning. We had no school today and I was looking forward to getting a little more sleep. Unfortunately the restaurant is located directly above my bedroom.  Check out the hours below...yes that was 6:37am - hard to see, but crossed out.
 Freckle Foot has stocked the kitchen and even set up a place for a cutting counter.
 She even made menu's for each customer. I like that there are mixed drinks on the menu - always a must if you've been awakened by a child setting up a restaurant at 6:37am in the morning.

 Early this morning there was a line (of every stuffed animal they owned) out the door waiting for a table but by the time I was awake everyone had been "served". I was seated right away. The food was delicious and the owner was especially friendly and welcoming.

I was wondering where my broom went.  Apparently it is essential to keep the restaurant clean. And that explain the strange sounds that I could not recognize while I was trying to sleep this morning. I think the Hungry Sandwich will be open all week for those of you would like a good meal and friendly service.

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