Monday, May 11, 2015

Fairy Mask

Freckle Foot needed a super hero mask for school a few weeks ago. The school has a compliment card program. When the kids are caught being good, on task or just helpful, teachers fill out a card and it's sent to the front office. Then is placed on the walls of the school. When the whole school meets their goal they get to dress up on a Friday. This particular Friday had a super hero theme. I found out on Monday that she needed a costume. I have a ton of superhero stuff for the boys but not for her.  She had a Tinkerbell fleece cape that she got from Grandma G.
I dug around in my felt stash and came up with this. It turned out a little big for her face but I was happy about how it turned out. She had a costume for the day. It's a rare day that I feel like a superhero but I felt like I came to her rescue just in time. I think I finished it at 11pm Thursday night.

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