Sunday, June 21, 2009

Early to Bed

It is amazing what I can get done when the kids go to bed at the same time. Freckle Foot is having a hard time with her colors. I made this matching game using color paint chips from the hardware store then covered the card with contact paper. We will see if she likes it.

This is a family and friends memory game. I got this off of Chasing Cheerios . The first picture is the first set that I made for Freckle Foot a while ago. Tonight I was able to add another 8 tiles. I used wood squares and Mode Podge the pictures to the wood. I have more tiles and more pictures but some of my pictures are missing so I couldn't finish the whole set. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

I printed these mini books off of ABC Teach. These mini book are about 8 pages long and have a section that Freckle Foot can color. I picked out a few shades of red coloring crayon so she feels like she has some choices. Then I will take them to be laminated and bind them together somehow. I realize that I am always posting things I do for Freckle Foot and you might ask what about Little Loaf? Well I have a few ideas and I will post them soon.

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