Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding her currency

Since the start of our summer vacation Freckle Foot has been giving me some attitude. We got her a alarm clock that turns green when she can come out of her room in the morning. This was suppose to help keep her in her room until 7:15am. She wakes up around 6am every morning. That is just too early for me to be functional and dealing with the demands of children. I still wake up at 6 am but I have to have a shower and some food before I see my children. Everyday we were battling in the morning and at nap time for her to stay in her room. Then the light bulb went on for me. She had been asking for computer time this summer. She loves to play on the Starfall website. I told her if she stays in her room until her clock turns green and gets dressed in the morning she can earn some computer time. Well that has made all the difference in the world. I don't hear a peep out of her anymore. Although today Teeny Bean (my best friend from high school) was watching the kids during quiet time while I did some grocery shopping. Freckle Foot and Little Loaf got out of their rooms and started playing together. Freckle Foot lost her computer time in the afternoon. She was really bummed. I am sure tomorrow if I hear Little Loaf get up and go in her room she will tell him to go away she wants her computer time.

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