Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zoo Field Trip

Summer field tips to the Zoo mean we get to see all the outdoor exhibits for a change. Freckle Foot really wanted to see the Flamingo's

There was a sculpture of a flamingo's nest with a egg. Freckle Foot wanted to sit on the egg just like the flamingo's do.

Little Loaf really liked the nature play area. He found a turtle shell he could crawl into.
He wasn't sure if this was a real cow. He slowly approached the cow then decided he could touch it. I think he was hoping he could really get some milk out of the utters.

Of course his favorite part of the day involved wheels. He loved sitting on the real tractor and trying to shift and sheer.
Wee One's favorite part of the day was the Worm Crawl.
He had fun cruising around with all the giant worms.

At the end of the day all 3 kids were exhausted. Little Loaf even asked at about 6:50 "mommy can we go up stairs (meaning bed) now". Ahh I know I have done my job when they can't keep their eyes open after a day of summer fun.

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