Sunday, June 17, 2012

Play dough landscapes

Little Loaf has an obsession with play dough especially if you add some cars to the mix. Play dough is fun but it drives me a little batty with Wee One around to eat all the leftover on the floor. Planning for some summer fun I went to Lakeshore Learning Store and bought a set of 4 art trays. Little Loaf wanted to play with play dough so I set out a tray for him to play on I thought I was brilliant. Little Loaf was having a nice time with a small amount of play dough. Then I remembered the Filthy Wizard's play dough Dinosaur Island so I whipped up some green and brown play dough. Little Loaf now calls his brown play dough his dirt. "I want to play with my dirt mommy".

We ended up with a whole tray of play dough landscape fun. The can in the corner is Little Loaf's garage. He always has to have a garage for his cars and trucks.

Freckle Foot saw how much fun her brother was having and wanted to do some baking. I handed them some muffin tins and some birthday candles.
Freckle Foot made me a lovely birthday pie with loads of candles. Although this was lots of fun she still wanted a tray of play dough like her brother.

Since I have run out of salt and cream of tartar to make more. She proceeded to get every last bit of play dough we had and added to her tray. She ran up stairs and got her my little pony's. Since Little Loaf had a garage I thought her pony's needed a house. Digging through her room I found a suitable house for the pony's. We are going to have some good play dough fun once I get some more supplies.

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