Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kelsey Creek Park

 I had to run a errand in Bellevue and decided the kids might like to stop by Kelsey Creek Farm.

 Quarter Shorts loved the play area that was built just for 3 year old and under. Everything was just his size.
 We were able to see a few animals up close but most of the animals were behind heavily guarded cages.
 Freckle Foot couldn't wait to get back to the play area and her brothers were trying to keep up. It is a nice picture of the beautiful barns they have on site.
 Little Loaf was being difficult and didn't want his picture take but I was able to snap a quick one.
Freckle Foot climbs on anything and everything. It wasn't quite as exciting of a trip as I had hoped for. I think next time I will take them to the Petting area at Forest Park in Everett, there they get to pet the animals.

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