Friday, July 18, 2014

Trip to the River

 Little Loaf and Auntie are floating down a short section of the river. Auntie brings fun where ever she goes.
Freckle Foot convinced me to get in the freezing water with her.
While Auntie and I were floating the short section of the river front. Great Grandma kept an eye on Quarter Shorts. Who wouldn't
Quarter Shorts might need a gun safety class.
 Someone was pouting and not being a good sport. Which is funny but we still had to have a talk about good sportsmanship.
After the girls were dried off they still wanted to play with the inner tubes.
We slept in our Westfalia Camper for the first time. Quarter Shorts is sleeping in a hammock Leon and I made. Leon made the PVC pipe frame. I made the canvas cover. He was very happy to sleep in it. I worked better than I thought it would. If I close all the curtains he has his own little room.

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