Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making Strawberry Jam Over 4th of July

My love of strawberry jam was handed down to me from my Grandma Warkentin. She always made strawberry freezer jam.  This year I decide to make cooked jam instead of freezer jam. My freezer jam always turned out grainy and took up too much space in my freezer. This is actually the second batch of jam that I made this year. The first batch I made with Auntie. She is a pro when it comes to making jam and I needed to learn a few tips learn this new process.
I like to make jam in the quart jars because we go through jam quickly. PB&J is all the boys eat these days. Auntie explained that it separates when you put jam in large containers as you can see in the picture. It taste really good but is a little runny at the bottom where there is no fruit. We will see if I can make it last till the end of next June. I only had to buy 1 jar of jam this year because we had run out before the local strawberries were in season.

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