Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Loaf turns 1 year old

Another late post. Little Loaf turned 1 year old in February. He really liked his cake. I had so much fun making this truck for him. The side panels are made out of graham crackers and the dirt is chocolate cake crumbled up.
We had a small party with family. Little loaf was very excited to receive a car from his Grandma Gail and Papop. He knew just what to do with it. I was almost blissful on his birthday. We made it to a year. I made it to a year. We are done with the super baby stage. He is done nursing and on whole milk. Soon he will be walking and my back will start feeling better. Although I am very excited to move to the next stage of development, it is also bittersweet. I love nursing.

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