Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Valentine's Day

We had a very nice Valentine's Day. Freckle Foot made Valentine's for all her favorite people of course. I received some beautiful tulips and the kids got a balloon to play with. In fact it's still floating around our house almost 3 weeks later.
I made a mailbox for Freckle Foot to practice sending Valentine's. It looks more like a kitchen oven than a mailbox. I cut down a diaper box then covered it with blue contact paper. Last year while I was still gleaning I got princess valentine's. Who knew a year ago that Freckle Foot would be so obsessed with Princess. She was thrilled with the Valentine's and I was surprised to find out she know all the names of the Disney Princess.

I made these bean bag hearts out of scrap fabric I had on hand. The hearts with the white background is fabric from my childhood that I stole from my mother ages ago. I made two of each so that we could work on matching patterns.
This isn't the greatest picture. You can see I made a line using masking tape on the floor and a heart out of blue painters tape. I wanted Freckle Foot to work on her throwing skills. She wasn't all that interested in it until the neighbor girls came over and then it was a fun game. It will be nice because I can use the hearts next year.

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